About Verstara - Horsehair Jewelry


How it Started

    VERSTARA began  in 2011 when the loss of a special horse named Seaver, sparked the start of a horsehair jewelry business.

   It started off with basic braided bracelets and necklaces but as time went on VERSTARA began to offer more variety in their jewelry.  Soon  the jewelry hobby became a full time business as the outstanding quality and craftsmanship put into each piece was not going  unnoticed.

    In late 2017 Verstara announced the arrival of the fine jewelry collections. Sterling silver, gold and diamonds were introduced to provide clients with higher quality pieces.


Meet The Artist

   COLLEEN McGALE lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta with her three beautiful girls and supportive husband Steve.

   While the kids do keep her very  busy, she still finds time to follow her passion of riding.  Colleen grew up riding dressage but fell in love with the sport of  barrel racing while trying to convince her non-horsey children to try  riding! Together with her mare Zara she's quickly progressed and were very successful together. In 2017 Zara suffered a broken shoulder while out in the field, she has since healed sound but prompted Colleen to take Zara to the dressage ring instead of the barrel pen.


Whats Next

   Verstara is leading the way in horsehair jewelry. By continually bringing in new designs and ideas, Colleen is setting the standards high in quality expectations.

   Visit the Events page to find out where you can see a Verstara booth.