Caring for your Horse Hair Jewelry

You received a little package, all neatly wrapped up in it's Verstara box, and your breath catches in your throat. You open it and your much anticipated, special piece of jewelry has arrived!

Now I have heard far too many stories of these beauties being shoved into drawers for safe keeping, so they don't get "ruined" but I'm here to tell you to WEAR IT! These pieces have been built to last and with a few care instructions you'll be able to wear it daily without worry!

Included with all orders are care instructions for your specific piece, but since I know what happens to most of those little cards, let's dive in today and discover how easy it really is to care for your Verstara jewelry.

First, put it on! Whether it's a ring, necklace, bracelet etc, wear it! Enjoy your piece during your daily routine. Enjoy it at work, the gym, the barn (I always suggest removing rings when working with horses, no one wants to lose a finger!) etc. Braided pieces may feel stiff at first, but after a few wears will shape to you.

For all pieces, I always suggest removing it when your headed into water. If you forget it on during a shower don't panic! I often ask worried clients "Do your horse's tails melt off in the rain?" NOPE! Now if your heading to the pool, hot tub, or other chemical filled water source, please remove it! Again, it won't melt it on a one time offense, but over time the chemicals will break down certain metals and damage the hair.

If your tassel, braided necklace or bracelet or key chain look a bit dingy, you can easily wash these! Under running water, use a mild soap or shampoo to gently clean your piece. Avoid the metals, but again, if it gets wet it won't ruin it forever. Once it's clean, set it aside on a dry towel and leave it alone for 24 hours. If your tassel hair has gone a little wild, feel free to take a hair straightener (set on low) to it.

If you have a ring or other woven pieces such as the Endless Love Pendant, and the hair needs a cleaning, you can use a soft toothbrush under running water to gently brush away the dirt - your stones can be cleaned this way as well! Allow it to dry for 24 hours.

If the metal needs to be polished, simply shine it up with a soft polishing cloth, DO NOT USE POLISHING AGENTS, PASTES, OR OTHER CHEMICALS. Yup, that's me shouting at you! Do not use anything but water (mild soap on the hair is fine) to clean your jewelry! I can't stress this part enough, I don't care how "safe" the label says it is for fine jewelry, soft polishing cloths only! Another option to clean your woven pieces is to take it to your local jewelry store and ask for it to be cleaned in their ultrasonic bath. Ask first if they use chemicals.

I have done an excellent job of trying to ruin my own pieces of Verstara jewelry. I wore and Angel ring to Mexico for 10 days. It did not come off once, it was in water for approximately 16 hours a day (heehee, swim up bars and ocean waves baby!) I rubbed it in the sand, I literally threw it at a palm tree, I tried to destroy it and the day I came home the weave looked as perfect as the day I had left. 

My bracelets have also been put to the test with daily wearing. I sleep in them, shower in them, go in the hot tub in them, sweat in them. In almost a decade I am proud to say that I have not had a single bracelet ruined.

Even though I try my darnedest to destroy my own pieces, I always suggest treating this jewelry as you would any fine jewelry. Don't expose it to harsh chemicals, if your wear it with other jewelry make sure there is nothing that will snag, rub or catch on it and remember that hair is a natural textile. It's not as strong as metal but if cared for properly, it will last you a very, very long time!

If you have a piece you wear daily let me know by leaving a comment below!



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