The Verstara Journal

A little help here!
I often get asked how I keep it all together and manage to keep Verstara running smoothly while still being everything else that I need and want to be...
Top Alberta Made Gifts for Any Equestrian
Here are a few of my favorite Alberta-made items that should under every Equestrians tree this year!
Equestrian Love in Hollywood!
When costume designer Cat Thomas reached out to me to make a ring for her dear friend Kaley Cuoco I was beyond excited! At first, I struggled to keep my inner fangirl at bay and behave like a professional, but after speaking with Cat about Kaley and helping her pick out the perfect ring to give her, I soon realized that while yes she’s an extremely talented actress who’s been a favorite of mine for years, she’s so much more than that. She’s a horse girl, just like us, who LOVES her ponies, just like us, and misses them dearly when she is away from them, just like the rest of us! She’s an incredibly caring and empathetic person, and she’s an equestrian - just like the rest of my amazing clients!
Pet Love and Loss
Find peace in your memories, let yourself remember all of the smiles they gave you over the years, and  the comfort you felt in their presence. They may be gone, but their spirit lives on <3
Happy Thanksgiving!
What do you give thanks to this time of year? Thanksgiving to me is a time for reflection.  It's a time to stop for a moment and focus on what we have and our many blessings, rather than what we...
Caring for your Horse Hair Jewelry
Taking care of your horse hair jewelry is so easy!
Because my horse died...
I'm often asked why I got into horsehair jewelry, why I made my first horsehair bracelet and the answer is never pretty.

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