Prepping your horse's

tail hair

If your horse is still with us, simply brush out their tail (please do not use detangler) and take a few snippets of tail hair from the bottom of the tail bone. The longest hairs hide in here! If your horse has multi colored tail, feel free to take snippets from all over, but please make sure each snippet is at least 15" long.

If your horse has passed, I am so sorry. Please send me what you have - or, if your able to, separate the hair you need.

There is no need to wash the hair first unless it has bodily fluids on it.

Band the hair where you cut and coil it loosely into a ziplock baggie. Please make sure to send your contact information along with your package.

how much hair

do i need?

Rings take a pencils thickness of TAIL hair, at least 15" in length.

Bracelets and keychains take a fingers thickness of TAIL hair at least 12" in length.

Braided necklaces take a fingers thickness of TAIL hair, as long as possible.

Tassels take a thumbs thickness of MANE hair - tail can be used but mane is more fluffy!

Where to Send the Horsehair

Regular Mail

Sending your package through regular mail is safe with a tracking number. I always suggest putting tracking on your package so we can keep an eye on it.


Box 1148

Tofield, AB

T0B 4J0


For courier service such as FedEx, please contact me for the address. I work from home so for safety reasons only give out the address after the order is placed.

From outside of Canada please use FedEx EXPRESS only. From within Canada you can use FedEx, Purolator or UPS.

In Person

If you are local, you are more than welcome to drop off your horsehair in person. Please contact me for the address.