Choosing the Right Metal for Your Horse's Tail Color

My horse is chestnut, what gold tone should I use? Does silver look good with my grey horse's tail?

These are questions I get on a regular basis, and very valid ones at that! So today I thought I'd sit down and try to help you decide which color metal would look best for your horse's tail hair.

My first response is usually - choose the metal tone that you love the most, your horse's tail hair will look gorgeous no matter what! While that is mostly true, there are some tail colors that just simply look amazing with certain metals!



White, Grey or Palomino Horse Hair

horse hair ring initial

I've had a few clients worry that their horse's white tail will blend too much with silver or white gold, but actually, if your horse's tail is super white, this is probably your best option.

Grey or white hair has less melanin which means it can look translucent. If you aren't sure, you can run a few strands of the hair under water, then place it against your skin, if you can see your skin color through the hair then sterling silver or white gold will be your best option. Why? Well that skin color you can see

through the wet hair, imagine that hair over top of rose or yellow gold, the same thing can happen there. That being said, I have created many beautiful rings with white hair and gold tones, the owners just love the metal so much it doesn't matter to them if the color shines through a bit!

Palomino hair usually has strands of gold in it, these tails look great in yellow gold as it really accentuates the golden and represents their coat color. If you don't love yellow gold thats ok, your yellow horse's tail will still look great in any metal choice!


Black Horse Hair

Black tails and Yellow Gold - a match made in heaven!

Honestly though, you can't go wrong with any color for your black horsehair! It's kind of like a little black dress, you can wear it anywhere, anytime, and always look good.


Chestnuts & Sorrels

Chestnuts; Rose gold was MADE for you! The rose gold brings out every fleck of red in your chestnut or sorrel horse's tail, no matter how dark it looks.

Don't love rose gold? That's fine, I haven't seen these tails look bad in any metal yet!

Bonus suggestion - if your adding stones to your ring, Cognac diamonds and cz stones or morganite looks absolutely stunning with the red hair!



When it comes to choosing your metal, there is no wrong answer. I always tell clients, it's personal preference - if you love a certain metal, go with that! You don't want to end up with a piece you don't totally love because of your metal choice.
Remember, in the end this piece is for you, it's a representation of the bond you share(d) with your horse, the love you had and lifetime of memories you carry with you. Choose your metals based on your own style and taste and you'll end up with a piece you will cherish for a lifetime.


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    Where can I buy pendant and ring blanks?

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