Pet Love and Loss


Animals are such an important part of our families. No matter how big, or small they take up a huge place in our hearts and our homes. When we lose our pet it is no different then losing any other family member. There is no shame in feeling that loss and grieving in the same way you would with any loss.

I think anyone who has ever had the love of a pet, whether be a cat, dog, hamster, guinea pig, horse, or anything in between, can attest to the deep unconditional love that we share with our critters. They don’t hold grudges, or get mad at you for having a bad day, they are always available for a snuggle, and love and adore you like no other.

As a pet lover myself I too have experienced the deep loss of a loved pet and family member. One of the things that has always helped me in grieving has been to keep the memory of my pet alive and well.  Whether that be through photos, or a memorial piece on display. These little critters live on forever in
our hearts. This is why I started creating memorial jewelry. To keep those memories alive, and to give people a beautiful piece of jewelry that they can wear to hold their loved one close always.

   “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.” – Roger Caras

Be patient and kind with yourself and allow yourself the time to grieve – losing a pet is not just a loss of a physical being but loss of that unconditional love that they offered so freely.  Find peace in your memories, let yourself remember all of the smiles they gave you over the years, and  the comfort you felt in their presence. They may be gone, but their spirit lives on <3

 “A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.” – Lacie Petitt


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