Equestrian Love in Hollywood!


For those of you who have been following me from my humble beginning of making gifts for friends and family using their horse’s mane and tail hair to where I am now with Verstara being an international company, I want to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart.  I also want to share my excitement with you all!

If five years ago someone would have told me that in 2020 a Hollywood actress would be wearing one of my pieces I would have laughed, yeah yeah.  I love what I do and how I can be a part of all of your lives through my jewelry, but I never imagined that what I create would be recognized by those I admire on screen!

When costume designer Cat Thomas reached out to me to make a ring for her dear friend Kaley Cuoco I was beyond excited! At first, I struggled to keep my inner fangirl at bay and behave like a professional, but after speaking with Cat about Kaley and helping her pick out the perfect ring to give her, I soon realized that while yes she’s an extremely talented actress who’s been a favorite of mine for years, she’s so much more than that. She’s a horse girl, just like us, who LOVES her ponies, just like us, and misses them dearly when she is away from them, just like the rest of us! She’s an incredibly caring and empathetic person, and she’s an equestrian - just like the rest of my amazing clients. Fangirl me disappeared, and my only focus was creating a special ring for another horse girl who missed her pony.

I was notified when Kaley finally received her ring - the gift was delayed by months, it was meant to be a wrap up present at the end of filming her new series The Flight Attendant, but Covid put a delay to that. I was thrilled to hear how well received it was and was so happy with another job well done. Unexpectedly, the next morning I woke up to a notification that Verstara had been tagged in an IG story, Kaley had posted a video of the moment she received her Angel ring holding her beloved horse Netty’s hair and I am so grateful that she did.  Her reaction was pure love and warmed my heart, I may have even shed a tear or two - who am I kidding I cried like a baby! She later sent me a private message to thank me, and let me know how incredibly special the ring was to her. So many of my clients send me these types of messages after receiving their own pieces of Verstara jewelry, and the feeling I get from it never fades. Helping horse’s stay with their people is WHY I do this <3

Friends, now those of you who own a piece of Verstara, most especially an Angel ring, are wearing yours in good company!  Verstara has officially hit Hollywood!  And you my friend, are a big reason why this has happened.  Your support through the years has pushed me to where I am now, and I will never forget that!




  • rtftamzfju

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Kim

    I am so happy for you. You deserve every bit of this exposure. When I put my mare Natty down in October, of 26 unforgettable years, it was your jewellery that gave me serenity. I wear it everyday and can’t thank you enough. You are a special person and I tell everyone who wants to listen about my beautiful jewelry and were it came from. Saying Thank you isn’t near enough

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