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As a busy Mom, Wife, Horse Mama, and business owner I am always looking for ways to better balance my time between all of my loves as I am sure is the case with many of you!


I often get asked how I keep it all together and manage to keep Verstara running smoothly while still being everything else that I need and want to be.  Well, long story short I ask for help!  Whether that be friends and family, my assistant, or finding programs and other small businesses that can support my business needs to help decrease my workload.


One of my favorite helpers that I have been using for years is FloDesk.  This email marketing site is an absolute life saver!  Their gorgeous, modern templates make it so easy to make beautiful emails to keep all of you, my amazing clients, up to date on everything going on at Verstara.  If you have a need for email marketing in any capacity I highly recommend FloDesk!

If your interested in giving them a try, simply use this link to sign up - https://flodesk.com/c/VERSTARA  FloDesk is giving Verstara fans 50% off their ENTIRE subscription (this means every. single. month.) as well as your first month free!

Finding that balance in life can be one of our biggest challenges, yet also so very important!  We've all got this!  You are a rock star!

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