Because I lost my horse...



Is usually how I start my answer when I'm asked - How did you get into this?

I try to keep my answer sugar coated, a bit embellished and padded to protect the emotions of those who were curious how I got my start in the peculiar world of horsehair jewelry. But the sad reality is, I got into this unique style of jewelry, because I was heartbroken.



We've established that the main reason is because I lost my horse.

And when passed I felt crushed. A part of me desperately wanted to keep a piece of him close to me, I just wasn't ready to completely let him go. I had heard about horsehair jewelry and started my search online for someone I could trust to send my precious boys tail hair to.

After days of scouring the internet I came to the conclusion that I was A - not sending his tail hair overseas, B - terrified of getting scammed like the people on the horse forums had, and C - it can't be THAT hard, I'll just do it myself!

I quickly learned that doing it myself was not as easy as I had assumed it would be.


Being the stubborn person I am, I spent months attempting to make a bracelet with his tail hair. Each time I thought "I got it!" it would end up scrapped for being not perfect enough. This is another problem I discovered I have. I want the things that I do, that I put out into the world, to be something I'd be proud to give, it needed to be perfect. When I finally created what I thought was the first horsehair bracelet I was proud of I realized it was the last of his tail hair I had left. I packaged it up in a neat little box and sent it off to the girl who had loved Seaver for most of his life. It was so hard to let that piece of him go, but the sense of purpose it gave me when I sent him back to his original owner is what sparked me to do more.

I began asking friends for their horse's tail hair, not telling them why, then surprising them with bracelets and key chains. From there this little side hustle took off.



As time went on my designs became more intricate. Word of my horsehair jewelry was spreading fast and the orders were coming in quickly. I decided to put myself into debt and picked up a booth at the great equestrian trade show, The Mane Event, little did I know that debt would be paid off by the middle of the first day there and my hobby officially became a small business.

I was often asked if I could make rings for horsehair. I did some digging and found suppliers that I could buy pre-made blank rings from, but something about it just didn't feel right. The jewelry I was making was made FOR someone. To celebrate the bond that person had with their horse, it was special and unique. It wasn't generic like the ring blanks that were available.

So the search began to find someone that could bring my ideas to life. In 2017 I began to offer rings and since then, Verstara has transformed from a side gig to a full blown, six-figure business gaining worldwide recognition.

Through my jewelry I have been able to help thousands of people find closure, comfort and healing, and THAT is what matters to me. It all comes down to the reason I started this in the first place. Keeping horse's with their people.




  • Carla Lehman

    Your mission began as a way to honour someone you loved, and became a mission to create something precious and timeless for others, what a blessing. I love the pieces you’ve created for me over the years.

  • Elana Kabatoff

    I love this story and your website so much. The story about your gelding hit me right in the heart. My Arabian mare looks exactly like him! I will be placing an order soon and I can’t wait to have a piece of her with me when I can’t see her everyday❤️

  • Debbie Maurer

    I read your story a couple days ago with some tissues next to me. I couldn’t reply to your story right away as just losing my own horse, Ricky, less then 2 months ago I couldn’t even reply without losing it. I’m just so sorry for your loss. As I was searching the internet for horse jewelry I came across a couple jewelers but your selection stood out from all the rest as far as quality. As other people have written your jewelry is just beautiful and I also wanted something nice that I know I would have for a long time. I can’t wait to see what I know will be beautiful keepsakes of my horse of 21 years. Thank you so much. ~ Deb Maurer

  • BEv DAvis

    Out of grief you gave so many people something so beautiful I thank you. Congratulations on a great job 👏👏👏👏

  • McC

    Devastation does not begin to describe what I was feeling the day I unexpectedly lost my beautiful Cirinity to colic. She gave me the best 15 years of my life. When I wanted to create a lasting memory piece, I scoured the internet for something fittingly elegant. Colleen’s pieces far and away surpassed everything else I had seen. And the ring is far more beautiful in person than I could have imagined.

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