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Q: Welding over my skin... so that sounds scary!

A: Not even a little bit! You will get to wear my super cool glasses to protect your eyes from the quick flash that fuses the ring on your bracelet together, with a quick "zap" your bracelet is secure and your ready to go!

Q: I travel alot, how do I go through airport security?

A: Fine jewelry does not need to be removed for security through the airport, you can easily pass through with these little beauties on.

Q: What if I want to take it off?

A: No problem! With just a quick snip with a pair of scissors you can remove your bracelet. Come back any time to have it re-welded back on.

Q: Do you offer plated or gold filled chains?

A: I do not. Plated and gold filled items, while look pretty at first and are cost effective, do not last, and since these bracelets are meant to be worn for years, you will want something that will stand up to that type of wear!